Funk, pop music playing cymbal, suits for any range of music and Jazz.


Light weights Jazz playing

Babylon Set up 14'' Hats,16'',18'' Crash, 20'' Ride sounds.

Babylon 16'' Crash



The Babylon series is the ‘signature’ series of the Zilli range. It is as distinct as it is broad. It is as delicate as it is strong. The Babylon Series was designed with the more experienced drummer in mind: those looking for that point of difference in their cymbal set up; those that recognises the depth in this range.


One of Zilli's premier range, the Babylon series has a light, bright bell tone and a shimmering stick. The edges open up to a dark crash tone and a shine that lasts through each hit.


The bell doesn't seem to be in any way isolated, being quite shallow, each stroke of the bell resonates throughout the full diameter of the cymbal. These cymbals ring and shine.



Babylon 16'' Crash

Babylon 10'' Fx Splash

Babylon 20'' China

Babylon 13'' Hi-Hats

Babylon 17'' Crash

Babylon Crash

Babylon 14'' Jazzy. Top:900gr. Bottom:1.100gr.

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