Zilli's premier range.


The Zilli Cymbals’ Classic Series is the father of all Zilli Cymbal Series. Known for its Brilliant finish it is the kind of Cymbal that really pops on any kit.


The Classic Series has mid-range volume projection which makes it a great all-rounder for the beginner to intermediate drummer.  It is perfect for all sorts of applications as it can be suitably crisp in a studio, effective in a small venue, or dynamic with a larger audience.


Its projection matches its sonic range: not too dark or heavy, but not too bright or empty either. The range provides some different but consistent sounds that harmonise.


Its brilliant finish caps off this stunning ensemble and undoubtedly provides an incredible standard for a starting place.

The Classic Series offers 10” & 12” splashes


Father of Zilli

Available Jazzy weights

Classic line for any type of music playing cymbal with the bright sounds.

Classic 16'' Hi-Hats

Classic 20'' Ride, 16'' Crash, 10'' Splash, 14'' Hats

Classic 22'' Light Ride


Classic 19'' Crash

Classic 12'' China

18'' China

26'' Classic Ride

22 classic china- 20 crash


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