Set up:




(Babylon line-full set up :  16'', 18'', 20'' Crash,

14'' Hi-Hats,


Pera Crash 18'', 20''


Classic 8'' Bel,


Classic 18'' China,Effect Zils.



patrıck neumayer





Like thousands of other young aspiring musicians, Patrick began his drumming career by driving his parents insane as he practiced his drums in a granny flat underneath the family home.  By the age of 15 Patrick joined his first band and not long after was invited to record his first track as part of a high school complication cd.  Now at the age of 34 Patrick has racked up five album recordings and many more accolades.

Currently Patrick plays drums for two Tasmanian bands; Lacerta and Gape.  Lacerta has been thrashing it out on Tasmanian metal stages since formation in 2005 and will be launching their self-titled second album in upcoming months.  In contrast to appearing at numerous venues across Tasmania, Lacerta has also been featured on Indonesian radio station ‘Solo FM’.  With Gape, Patrick has become a signed recording artist with Gape’s second album ‘Exploit the Moist’ being picked up by Canadian label ‘CDN Records’.  Renowned as one of Tasmania’s most loved slam bands, Gape has played alongside the likes of Psycroptic, Grave, Intense Hammer Rage and Ruins, just to name a few.  Along with their recent record signing, Gape has been invited to tour America.  Aside from Patrick’s two main bands, he has also created a solo project called Nebulae, in which he produces experimental drum tracks and then selects musicians from near and far to contribute.  As this is purely a studio project, Nebulae relies on social media to gain recognition.

To mix things up a bit Patrick is also a session drummer and recently worked with a local rock funk band who played Tasmania’s Falls festival in 2016 and helped them achieve third place at the Australian Global Battle of the Bands after winning the Tasmanian heat.  Furthermore, Patrick has performed in many of MONA’s (Museum of Old and New Art) ‘Mofo’ festivals and exhibition events under the instruction of MONA’s musical arts director Brian Ritchie (of the Violent Femmes), plus worked as a drum technician for drummer David Jones while David performed at MONA.

In his spare time, Patrick works as a studio assistant for his wife’s father, owner of AAA Recording.  In this role, Patrick assists with equipment set up, recording, management of rehearsals and promotion of the studio.  With years of experience both on stage and in the studio, Patrick knows how to get the sound he wants from his equipment and only endorses gear that meets his high expectations.  This is why when it comes to cymbals, Zilli is the only label he uses for both recording and live performances.

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