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Hand Hammering

Each cymbal has an average of 5.000 Hammer Hits.

It is this process that gives hand-crafted cymbals their dynamic sound.

Hand Hammering

Each cymbal has an average of 5.000 Hammer Hits.

It is this process that gives hand-crafted cymbals their dynamic sound.


We’re all looking for that something special, and we know it when we hear it.  At Zilli we're not interested in churning out pieces of metal with a logo, signature or design gimmick: we are committed to creating a piece of sonic craftsmanship for the discerning drummer in each and every cymbal.


Zilli Cymbals started with a dream: A dream to make a range of high quality, hand-hammered cymbals at a price every drummer can afford.  Zilli Cymbals are uniquely crafted by hand in Turkey thanks to a team of experienced cymbal makers. This ensures the highest standards throughout the entire process and guarantees the highest quality product.


The Cymbal's secret alloy


The Cymbal's secret alloy recipe provides a dynamic sound across the Zilli range, perfect for recording as well as live set ups in all sorts of environments.  The age-old hammering process ensures that cymbals provide long lasting, exceptional sounds not available to existing mass-produced factory-hammered cymbals.


Raw Material


Cymbals are only ever as good as the alloys they start out as.  At Zilli Cymbals, we source the finest metals and have tailored each recipe to obtain a unique, dynamic and consistent sound for each cymbal series.


The alloys are mix of tin, copper (brass) and special elements such as zinc, silver, gold and other metals, mixed to various proportions depending on the desired sound of a cymbal.


Cymbal Process Video:


These metal mixtures are heated up to 1500 C, stirred and finally poured into steel pans.


These raw sheets vaguely resembling a cymbal are cooled and then reheated for rolling through a special press. Cymbals undergo this process a number of times to ensure the consistency and strength within the whole cymbal.


Each and every Zilli Cymbal is carefully and meticulously hand-hammered by expert cymbal makers. This process is the secret to the incredible quality, dynamic range and unique tonality of Zilli Cymbals.


Hand Hammering


Many so-called 'hand-hammered' cymbals in the market today are actually manufactured and hammered by machines and given quick once-over to create the illusion of “hand crafted” cymbals.Depending on a cymbal’s size, each Zilli Cymbal has an average of 5,000 hammer hits.


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We made the dynamic sounds.

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