tyson muechenchow

Adelaide SA


At the age of one, Tyson suffered third degree burns to his hands and feet, with the doctors saying Tyson would never have use of them again. Well, luckily, Tyson proved the experts wrong. With his parent's cutlery, pots and pans Tyson began his drumming arsonry, after seeing Peter Criss drum for Kizz on television.


Tyson's professional music career began at age 10, playing for various music acts and genres. At age 13, he became the youngest member to play in the South Australian Youth Orchestra and by 14 years of age, he was fortunate enough to associate and perform with the likes of John Morrison, James Morrison and Tommy Emmanuel. Later that year, Tyson was awarded a scholarship in percussion to study at the Adelaide Elder Conservtorium of Music.


Most recently, Tyson has performed with the Melbourne Philharmonic Orchestra and has formed the band 'Mr Buzzy', which in the last 11 years have performed for many events and festivals along-side various international acts from Dragon to Kate Cebrano.


Tyson holds a Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Education.




Tyson says, 'I am proud and honored to be a growing part of the Zilli family.'



Set up:




Classic full set up.

Taxim Crash) 18'',


Fx, concept, 18'',  Classic 8'' Bel,


Classic china 18''.



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